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Kenna is a 22-year-old singer hailing from Oklahoma City. With 12 years of singing under her belt, she’s made a name for herself with her unique pop rock edge. Her natural performance ability on stage electrifies any audience, leaving them wanting more. Kenna lives and breathes music and is determined to make an impact through her melodious voice and powerful lyrics. She is passionate about her craft and is always experimenting with new ideas and sounds.


 "As a singer, I strive to create a welcoming and inclusive environment where my audience can be themselves. Through my music, I aim to tell a story that resonates with people on a personal level and inspires them to embrace their individuality and authenticity. With every performance, I hope to create an atmosphere where people feel free to let go of their fears and express themselves without limit, just as I do with my music." - KENNA 


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